DIY// Floral Crown

Hello Lovelies! Coachella weekend is over but that marks the start of festival season and do I have a DIY for you. This flower crown is super easy to make and so perfect for brightening up your summer months. I've already made a few different combinations and I can't wait to show you how I style them with complete outfits. Let me know if you decide to make a floral crown yourself and be sure to take pictures!

Fresh Faced

I know I promised you guys I'd never post another outfit without makeup, but sometimes life gets in the way. And other times I forget to put on makeup before a shoot because I am both too lazy to do so on a daily basis, and too used to letting my blemishes shine, shame free (its 99% the former).

Spring Colors


Today's outfit is brought to you by the warming weather and my weird obsession with colour coordination. When I first bought these Nikes I was looking for a black and white pair when the pattern just caught my eye. I thought that the pink and green would be really hard to match but lo and behold I found the perfect shirt to go along with it and the colours are almost exactly the same. Fate or something right?

MUSIC MONDAY// Spring Something

 Hello Lovelies! I hope that spring is finally coming around your area and it's warming up your spirits. Hong Kong kind of skipped seasons and is pretty much in summer mode and I am melting my insides out as I type this. I love warm weather, so I'm not complaining... much, and I thought I'd share this playlist to welcome the sun. This was quite a hard playlist for me to put together because in my brain there are summer songs and there are winter songs, and all songs can pretty much fall into those two categories. So this playlist is a new kind of venture for me. While compiling the songs I was thinking about the warming weather and the thawing of ice (even though there is barely even rain here in Hong Kong let alone ice) and I wanted to capture that feeling of the ice slowly melting away and the excitement of warmer months finally coming around. Let me know your favorite tracks down below, or if you have any songs that you think capture the essence of spring. I'm always looking for new music and I'd love to hear your spring tracks!

50 Facts About Me

If you’d like to see me overuse the thumbs up gesture go ahead and click on the video here! Seriously though I don’t know what I was thinking with all the thumbs upping haha. I think this is the first video where I’m actually quite ok with how inarticulate I am. I’m either getting better at speaking (not likely) or I’ve just gotten more comfortable with listening to myself struggle to find the right words in order to form coherent sentences (most likely). This video was not fun to film at all. What you’re seeing is the third attempt at recording these 50 facts after re-filming twice (the first time I had a makeup melting malfunction and the second time I had an awkward Stephanie malfunction). And uploading this video was crazy difficult as well which is why it’s a bit late. But after all of the hurdles, I’m actually quite proud of this one. Sit down videos are definitely not my favorite to film because speaking never agrees with me, but I really liked this one. Maybe I can get used to this whole talking at a camera thing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and let me know some facts about you down below!